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People regularly purchase insurance such as homeowners, auto, or life for protection against major perils, recognizing the value of what’s insured against the potential for risk. What they don’t realize is that disability insurance deserves to be on the list of necessary coverage as well. That’s because approximately one third of U.S. workers will suffer a disabling injury or illness in the course of their career. And if the disability stems from an event that is not work-related and covered by insurance, your ability to earn an income grinds to a halt. 

At The 1st Liberty Insurance Agency we know that the unthinkable could happen, don’t rely on Social Security or other government benefit to step in. These benefits are limited and qualifying for them is a difficult and time-consuming process. Even if you are approved, the amount you receive (roughly $700 to just over $1,000 depending on your marital status) may not be nearly enough to cover your expenses.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves!

Protecting Your Income!

This is why disability insurance is so important. It provides income protection that allows you to cover your normal living expenses, out-of-pocket medical costs, and more. Coverage can be tailored to match your preferences—that is, purchased on a short- or long-term basis, provide protection from inflation, assist with paying for rehabilitative therapies, or correspond to your professional needs.

See Why Disability is so Important! 

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